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Choosing "feega" takes you to this screen:

Choices are (my best guess):

feega Registration - Use to apply for a feega ID and password. A credit card (apparently VISA or MasterCard) is required.

View feega Account Information - Lets you see the account information for your feega account, once you log in. Password and credit card, except for last four digits, are hidden.

feega (something) - Just seems to display the name of the account holder, as it was registered. It might cancel your account if you confirm the option at the end, so I haven't tested it.

feega Terms of Use/Policies - This is the terms of use for feega, or something similar. Like most account services, there is an agreement. If you can't read Japanese to know what this says, it is your risk to take to use it without understanding the agreement.

feega Password Management - Leads to three options for storing the account ID and password on the HDD. Just fill in the ID and password in the first one or two options

feega Guide - A guide, in Japanese of course, for how to use feega.