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This says you will be applying for a feega account from Sony Finanace, a network billing service. Press Circle to confirm and X to cancel. If you confirm, you see the next screen.

It appears to be an out of date warning, stating that maintenance will be done on the system at that time and the system for registration of accounts won't be available. Press Right to go to the next screen.

It looks like you must be at least 13 years old to register a feega account. Press Circle to accept that you are at least 13 years old and to progress to the next screen.

The user agreement for feega. Press Right to agree and proceed to the next screen (It is your risk to agree to this if you can't understand Japanese, as it's just like signing a contract without reading it or being able to understand it.).

Do you accept this agreement? Left option is "Yes", and the right option is "No." Choose "Yes" with Circle to proceed.

This is the first page where you have to input information, as you are now starting to fill out the application. I have filled in false information for example purposes for any sensitive data. Fields are:

Last Name - You can only input in hiragana/katakana, so you need to know how to type them on your keyboard layout. Preferably, you want to use your own name, in case you need to recover information.

First Name - The same limitations as for Last Name apply.

Date of Birth - Year, Month, Day, in that order from left to right. It will not let you progress if the date shows you to be less than 13 years old.

Gender - Top choice is "Male" and the bottom choice is "Female."

After every field is filled in, press right to progress to the next screen.

Pick a password and confirm it by typing it in both boxes. There are some limitations. Passwords are NOT case-sensitive, and can only have the Roman letter a-z and the numbers 0-9. No other characters/spaces are allowed. Passwords must be at least 6 character long, and no more than 16 characters long. Also, passwords must have at least one Roman letter and at least one number.

Once both fields are complete with a matching password, press Right to progress to the next screen.

Input your email address and confirm it in the second box. Make sure it is a working address, as your account ID and password will be mailed to that address once the application is accepted.

After both fields are complete press Right to progress to the next screen.

It looks like this is asking if you want them to contact you via email with updates to the policy and such. The top option is "No" and the bottom option is "Yes." Press Right to progress to the next screen

This is either asking for a phone number or the Japanese equivalent of a ZIP Code. It doesn't seem to matter what you set this to if you live outside of Japan, but you may want to take note of what you set it to. Press Right to progress to the next screen.

A credit card is required to finish registration. Please have the 14-16 digit card number and the date of expiration ready.

Press right to go to the next screen.

Input your credit card information here. Fields are:

Credit Card Number

Date of Card Expiration

After filling out the fields, press Right to go to the next screen.

This is verification of the information you filled out in the previous screens. Press Right to proceed if it is correct. Press Left to go back to previous screens to correct information if it isn't correct.

Press Circle to send the application data. If it goes through, you should either have your feega ID appear on the screen, or it will be emailed to the address you put in the application. That is the end of the application process.