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PSBBN Top Menu. The options are:

PlayStation BB Guide - This is a manual for everything in the PSBBN program. Since I'm not a fluent reader of Japanese this is useless to me and I won't cover the menus inside of it, partially because I can't get a clear enough picture for translation of the contained information. The only menu that is important to me in here is What's New because it tells me when channels in the Game Channel have been updated.

Channels - This lets you go to the Movie Channel, Music Channel, Photo Channel, and Game Channel

Network Profile - I think this lets you configure settings for different ISPs. Since I got my disc from somewhere other than a Japanese ISP it includes all of them and the option for an ISP that isn't listed. I chose the one that isn't listed and the menu inside has nothing that I can seem to do, probably because of the setting I chose.

Configuration - Takes you to a menu that lets you change system settings, manage folders on the HDD, access the web browser, and manage Memory Cards.

Pressing Select anywhere past this screen will bring up this menu:

The choices are:

(something) - Greyed out unless you are browsing something other than the Collection in the Game Channel. When browsing one of those channels it takes you back to the channel without interruption. (Not present in PSBBN version 0.30 or 0.31)

Top Menu - Takes you back to the PSBBN Top Menu.

Mail *- Only present in PSBBN 0.30 and higher. Takes you to the PSBBN email program.

PlayStation® BB Navigator Credits - Rolls the credits and copyright information for PSBBN.


* Not currently shown in the screenshot.