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Inside the Disc option of the Music Channel after selecting the CD. The tracks are shown on the left and controls on the right. The controls are:

Skip back, Skip forward, Rewind, Fast forward, Play, Pause, Stop, and Record.

Below those are Shuffle and Repeat.

Also, while a track is playing a little beam of light tracks how far through the track has played appears uner the Track picture and a graphical representation of the sound waves for the left and right speakers appears at the bottom center of the screen.

The most tracks that can be displayed at once is 16 but you can scroll the list down. Choosing the record icon saves the CD to the HDD in its own folder after confirming that you want to save the CD to the HDD. You can later rename the folder and the contained tracks and fill in more information about the CD, like the artist and CD title.

The screen that appears when you select an album that is saved to the HDD.

Pressing Triangle when a track is highlighted in an album on the HDD brings up this menu. The choices are:

Add Track to a Playlist - Brings up a list of playlists on the HDD. Choose one to add that track to a playlist.

Checkout - I don't know what it does.

Delete - Deletes the track from the HDD after confirmation of the choice.

(something) - Let's you edit the track information, like track name and music genre.