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A picture of the generic installed game icon. It's used if the game doesn't have it's own icon. In this case the game is Kingdom Hearts. Triangle brings up a menu that lets you see the information on the game and delete the game from the HDD. The top choice it to delete the game and it asks you to confirm the choice. The bottom choice is to view the game's information. Pressing Circle chooses to load the game. If the game can't be loaded from the HDD it says that you must run the game disc first.

UPDATE for version 0.30 and up

A new option is added to the screen that was just mentioned. It says Add to Navi Menu (Navigation Menu). It allows you to add a program to the Navigation Menu so that you don't have to go all the way to the Collection in the Game Channel to load a program that boots from the HDD. In this case I'm using PlayOnline Viewer as the demonstration because that's the only program I have that can boot from the HDD.

This is the Navigation Menu that I added Playonline Viewer to. Programs you add to this menu manually get placed below the new Mail option that was added below Top Menu in version 0.30. You just press Select almost anywhere in PSBBN to access the Navigation Menu. Now you can boot PlayuOnline Viewer by just pressing Select and choosing PlayOnline Viewer.


The game information for Final Fantasy XI after having been installed and patched recently (January 28th, 2003). It says the game's name, developer name, product code, type of software (all of mine says PlayStation2 software except one demo I downloaded from the KONAMI CHANNEL that was labled PlayStation software), date of last modification to the data, and amount of HDD space that is used for the program (in this case it's 8,192 megabytes).