My Interests

  1.     I am an anime lover. My favorite series are Kodomo no Omocha, Oh! My Goddess, Ranma 1/2, Urusei Yatsura, The Slayers, Cat Girl Nuku, Tenchi Muyo, and Nadesico. I usually prefer the subtitled anime compared to the dubbed stuff.
  2.     I read science fiction and fantasy books. My favorite authors are Piers Anthony and Brian Jacques. I have read the entire Xanth, Apprentice Adept, and Mode series so far. I have read all of the books in the Redwall series by Brian Jacques. I have also read the entire Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan and am waiting desperately for the next book in that series to be released. I have currently read the first 9 books in the Left Behind series.
  3. I have attempted to get a Japanese class available on the elective list at my school and will take it as soon as I can. I have been trying to teach myself the language until I can take the class at school. I may be going to Japan in summer of 2002.

  4.     I like to play Marathon, Command&Conquer, and Descent often. I am looking for people to play against over Kali or Westwood Chat. Marathon will not work over a modem or Kali, so I can't play against someone else yet. I am working on a Macintosh Performa 6200CD. I have two PlayStations (One with an internal mod chip and one without) and a Virtual Boy. I am a major RPG player, Zelda and Squaresoft games are my favorites.
  5.     I made a physics model for both Marathon and Marathon 2 :Durandal. Download them here.
  6.     If you are on a Mac and have Command&Conquer then you are in luck. It is possible for you to have Covert Operations and its free to Mac users. All you need is ResEdit. Duplicate Mac C&C and rename it Mac CovertOps. Open the duplicate with ResEdit and open the Wset resource. Open the rescource in that and scroll down to the second unused line and type in $7B. Then all you have to do is start a new game to play the dinosaur missions. If you use Covert Ops to play against other Mac users who have enabled Covert Ops then tech levels will only determine what units you start out with (meaning you can build tech 7 stuff in any game), Barbed Wire barriers can be built, GDI can build ChemWarriors, and dinos will appear on the map at random. Plese note that Westwood Chat will crash your computer if the modified version opens when you play a game. The only way to prevent Covert Ops from opening is to not have it on the computer or to have it in the Trash when you begin a game.

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