My name is Jeff and I am an Alaskan. If you see me on Westwood Chat or Kali I am bungifan and bungiefan. I am also on ICQ as bungiefan and can be found by looking for me as ICQ #42771757

    I am in the 12th grade and go to Bartlett High School. I play the flute, the piccolo, and some percussion.

    I have taken three years of French class but I have been more interested in learning Japanese. I am trying to get Japanese on the list of electives at Bartlett and have started a Japanese club to achieve that objective. The Japanese club was successful except for the school not being able to find a qualified teacher to teach us Japanese.

    I am a fan of most games by Squaresoft and Bungie. I also like anime and have a decent collection of it. I prefer the comedy titles of anime and I like it in subtitled form compared to dubbed.